Chapter History


The Beta Chapter was founded on August 6, 2000

The first conceptualized vision of Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. was conceived in the Summer of 2000 at The University of Texas at Dallas. Twelve motivated, South Asian young men developed this vision into existence. These men are now considered the founding fathers of the Beta Chapter of Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. They first set out with the goal of establishing a legitimate South Asian presence around campus at The University of Texas at Dallas. They strived to do this by utilizing the three pillars of Brotherhood, Discipline, and Commitment. This idea became a reality when the founding class of Delta Epsilon Psi Beta Chapter was officially recognized on August 6, 2000. At that moment Delta Epsilon Psi became the very first South Asian Fraternity on the campus. Once past the infancy stage, Delta Epsilon Psi began a phase of nationwide expansion. It began with other southern schools like Baylor University and the University of South Florida. This rapid expansion marks the success of our fraternity by being so well supported that the small idea of eighteen young men has now developed into a nationwide operation to bring together South Asian students under the same fundamental ideas and philosophies. While Delta Epsilon Psi has grown to boast an impressive national presence, the Beta Chapter in Dallas holds to the roots it was established upon. This commitment has allowed us to maintain our position as one of Delta Epsilon Psi’s elite chapters.