Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity Inc. is a fraternal organization devoted to establishing a positive impact on society by being passionate philanthropists. Since our humble beginning in 1998, we as South Asian leaders have maintained a positive reputation with unyielding results in every task that we undertake. As the largest South Asian fraternity in the nation, our common goal has always been to strengthen and establish a strong presence in our local communities while developing a strong national image as dedicated servants to our community. However, as professionals and students, doing what is essential has always been our strong suite. We are men of action and by exposing ourselves to various aspects of community life and service, we have come to encompass the ideology of service through leadership and excellence. Through our proactive approach to service we have spread the idea that every action we take not only affects ourselves, but also those around us. A service first mentality is something every brother strives to have. As leaders we aim to give back a fraction of what our community has given us while having the drive to promote south asian culture and purpose.



Since our humble beginnings in 1998, the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi have maintained our ideology of service through leadership and excellence. For this reason, on February 16th, 2011, Delta Epsilon Psi was pleased to announce its official partnership with with JDRF, formerly known as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. JDRF and Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity Inc. team up every year to nationally raise money and help promote awareness for the fight against juvenile diabetes. Through our signature events such as Drench a Delta and Sugar Free Bowl, the brothers have raised over $50,000 annually, and Delta Epsilon Psi contributes 100% of its efforts to providing awareness and funds in support of the JDRF mission to find a cure.



As leaders in our respective communities and as devoted philanthropists among college students, Delta Epsilon Psi takes the initiative to help Be the Match Foundation by supporting them in their mission to create awareness and save lives through registered donors. Our fraternity is not only committed to continuing awareness for the National Bone Marrow Donor Program, we are also committed to providing potential matches for the national match registry.